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Social Media Audit + Strategy

Who is this for?

You've been running social media for your business for some time, but don't seem to have a rhyme or a reason. Target audiences, planned calendars and business objectives with each post haven't yet crossed your mind, and you want to make the most out of your brand's time spent on social media.

You want to have a cohesive strategy in place that aligns with other marketing channels and brings your brand to the next level online. 

  • Complete audit of all existing company profiles on social media platforms, including defining the target audience and the actual audience

  • Complete competitor analysis on approved social media platforms; strengths, weaknesses and most shareable posts

  • Create a list of researched keywords and hashtags relevant to your business to aid in SEO and content generation

  • Create suggestions for content based on your company goals and target audience interests

  • 3 Month Content Overview - A calendar with key points, events and topics to cover over a 3 month period across all channels

  • Custom built target audiences for Social Media Ads

  • Develop a Paid Media Strategy based on budgets and brand objectives

Starting at $500; Custom quotes available.


Social Ads Management

Who is this for?

You've got a strategy in place, you know what content is getting you all the likes, you know your brand's voice inside and out... but creating effective and strategic ads on social media is a completely new language. Or maybe you have a good understanding of how social ads work, but you just don't have the time.

Let's face it, social media is a pay-to-play market. If you want to seriously drive your business objectives, we'll need to step up the social game and develop a strong Paid Social Plan. (Read: strong doesn't always mean pricey).

Yep, you heard that right. You don't need to throw thousands of dollars at an ad to achieve your business goals. And that's why we're here to take what may seem like a complicated or tedious task and turn it into real ROI for your business, reaching potential new customers you may never have reached before with normal posts. 

We recommend starting with the Social Media Strategy packages first, so that the basics are in place before starting with monthly management :) 






Social Ad Management (Facebook & Instagram) - unlimited ads

Strategy Support 

Creative Consultation 

Campaign Management 

Monthly Progress Report & Recommendations

3 Month Minimum

$1,000 per month

Social Ad Management (Facebook & Instagram) - up to 5 ads/month

Strategy Support

Creative Consultation 

Monthly Progress Report & Recommendations

3 Month Minimum


$600 per month

Social Ad Management (Facebook & Instagram) - up to 3 ads/month

Strategy Support

Monthly Progress Report & Recommendations

No monthly minimum



$350 per month


Campaign Plan + Management

 Who is this for? 

You've got a big event or new product launch coming up and you need to have a communications plan in place. You may already have an always-on approach to social media, but you know you need something bigger and better than the usual day-to-day. 

We work with clients on bespoke campaigns, fleshing out a detailed social media plan to spread the message effectively. 

  • Overview of existing social media plan & how your campaign fits in naturally

  • Define business, creative & paid objectives

  • Complete channel & format mix

  • Audience Building to reach the people most likely to be interested in the campaign

  • Creative considerations to best showcase the offering

  • Full digital communications calendar (social media, newsletter, promotions, outreach)

  • Option to add on campaign/project management*

Starting at $300; Custom quotes available.

*We recommend to also include campaign/project management to ensure the campaign runs according to plan. We can then set up and optimise the ads throughout the time period. Management prices vary depending on level of service required and are completely customizable. 


Social Media Training

Who is this for? 

You have a great team behind you who are willing and able to  take on the social side of things. You want to empower them (or yourself) with a strong foundational base of knowledge so you can be sure everything is being implemented with best practice.

Our Social Media Workshops give your team the knowledge, tools and resources needed to develop and implement strategic social media and influencer marketing strategies.

  • Overview of Social Media Landscape

  • The Ins and Outs of developing a Social Strategy

  • How to build your target audience

  • Available & upcoming post formats on social media platforms

  • How to develop a Paid Media Strategy

  • How to effectively create a content calendar and track success/metrics

  • Practical workshop where you will put what you've learned to the test during the training

Price varies based on number of team members attending, required content to be covered & whether travel is required. Skype Trainings are available.